Hypnosis and Childbirth

"Pain" is the word most associated with Childbirth.......  But it doesn't have to be; here's why.

Learning self-hypnosis can make childbirth much easier with less discomfort, more control and self-confidence.

Here is a list of just some of the many benefits of learning self-hypnosis during pregnancy

  • More effective relaxation... less anxiety and fear

  • Greater awareness and ability to re-interpret bodily sensations

  • More effective response from external support

  • Enhanced belief in one's expectations for control of discomfort

  • Enhances other comfort measures used

  • Easily incorporated with other techniques (e.g., breathing techniques, imagery)

  • Greater control of the cervix opening

  • Greater self-control over rapid increase in pain and the "unexpected."

  • Greater focus, clarity, and ability to "detach" from the discomfort better

  • Mentally prepared for painful sensations and ability to alter perception of them

  • Greater confidence and trust in body functions and sensations during childbirth

  • More responsive to supportive suggestions and encouragement

By the way, ALL hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  No one "gets hypnotized." 

It may appear that way, but in reality no one can be "hypnotized." 

   Hypnotic suggestions are offered to access the mind-body connection to dilate the cervix, to experience any discomfort as an awareness of pressure present, and suggestions for comfort after delivery.  

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